Digital Strategy Workshop - an initiative of the Sports Club Management Expo

Digital Strategy Workshop
for State & National Sporting Organisations

An initiative of the Sports Club Management Expo

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Workshops on digital strategy, online presence, membership analytics & engagement

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Where / Sport SA, Military Rd, West Beach, SA

Date / Wed 17 Feb 2016

Time / 10am - 12:30pm

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10:00am / Digital Strategy Writing

Alex Mednis, revolutioniseSPORT

All governing bodies have a strategic plan, that covers their vision, goals and aspirations for the coming 2-4 years. But very few have a Digital Strategy - a key document that is required to lay out your visions for how the sport uses technology in the 21st century.

This workshop covers the principles behind writing your own Digital Strategy including key provisions, timelines, and covers topics from athlete and membership databases, and social media to upscaling of the board and staff in digital issues.

TAKEAWAY / Checklist to form the basis of your own digital strategy.

10:30am / Case Study: Gridiron Australia

Adam Coles, Gridiron NSW

As a smaller sport in Australia, Gridiron (or American Football) has grown to be a sport that has seen the shift from manual payments, registration and competition management to a full digital presence.

Adam has just concluded many years on the board of Gridiron NSW before moving to South Australia in 2016. He now works for the Adelaide Thunderbirds and runs his own Sports Tipping company.

Adam will present a case study on the growth of Gridiron in Australia using technology, and a number of lessons learnt from almost a decade online.

10:45am / Gathering Insights

Alex Mednis, revolutioniseSPORT

A key requirement of sporting organisations is to capture data of all kinds: membership, competition, medical and so on. However, most of this data is kept in formats that become unusable for analysis - and many sports do not capture the full range of information that they can from members.

This workshop covers the principles behind what data sports should collect, methods for collection using technology, and how that data should be stored.

TAKEAWAY / Checklist to guide you in collecting meaningful data for your own sport.

11:15am / Case Study: SportsPass

Chris Coleman, SportsPass

Loyalty programs have existed since the dawn of retail stores - but sport has been an industry that has missed out. SportsPass is a Victorian based company looking to change that, with [x] state and national sporting organisations already on board.

Chris will outline how loyalty programs can use technology to connect with participants (past and present), improve retention, and where the future of loyalty programs is within sport.

11:30am / Actioning Insights

Alex Mednis, revolutioniseSPORT

Once a sport has the right set up to collect data, it needs to be actionable.

This workshop covers how data can be actioned, including:
  • Guides for reporting data to the board
  • Forming accurate pictures of membership
  • Common mistakes in presenting data
  • Innovative ways to analyse trends, flux and more

12:00pm / Case Study: Skate South Australia

Jackie Blyth, Executive Officer, Skate South Australia

As a sport with 7 disciplines, Skate SA has a multitude of requirements in data collection and analysis.

The sport has had unique challenges in a sport that is not digitally native, and has traditionally had paper based processes and systems. Jackie will present a case study on their story of change into the 21st century.

12:15pm / Wrap up

Sport SA

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